If you had a time machine and could go back in time and stop 9/11 from happening, how would you do it?

If you had a time machine and could go back in time and stop 9/11 from happening, how would you do it?


I’ve seen enough of these posts to know that NONE of you time travelers have been successful yet. But I do wish you great success, OP!


Have you never read a time travel book or seen a time travel movie? These plans never work out.


Any way that I could


I would just not build the towers because no towers no 9/11.


Call in an anonymous threat to the buildings, something that would be easily believable, like a bomb. And maybe throw in a Timothy McVeigh quote to make it stick more. All in the hopes the buildings would be evacuated before the planes hit Or call in the same bomb threat to the airport or planes may be more effective, I’m not sure


Not allow the middle east to be divided up solely for controlling the by tribes by western powers at the end of ww1 just to control the oil. A lot of the world's problems can be traced back to colonialism


Simple get in contact with terrorist cell and tell them the plan is in jeopardy. They must act fast if they are to succeed. Time table moves up. Bam no more 9/11.


Hijack a plane a few days before so everyone is on high alert and may be able to prevent it, but god knows if it would work


I wouldn't would buy some stock that go up.


As much as it pains me to say it, I'd probably just... not do it. Hear me out, if 9/11 never happens, security is never ramped up the way it was. And if security doesn't get ramped up, then the next big terrorist attack would have every opportunity to be, well... worse. Similarly how after the titanic ship sank, ship safety went up in response... if that never happened, then by the time a different big cruise ship does sink to similar effect, it may very well be carrying far more people... Or how were it not for Typhoid Mary, we wouldn't understand asymptomatic carriers of diseases the way we ended up until... probably much later. Point is. Stuff like this are tragedies. No doubt. But in response to these tragedies, after we are torn down, we make sure we have a stronger foundation before we build ourselves up again... Imagine if 9/11 never happened, but instead, the first big terrorist attack of the nation, would be someone bombing times square during new years... and because 9/11 never happened... we wouldn't be prepared to catch this person before the tragedy strikes... wouldn't be as adept at checking mysterious packages, and making sure something far worse than 9/11 never happens... ...so, in result, something far worse than 9/11 happens.


Giant trampoline hung from the 100th and 86th floors.


I wouldn’t lol