Tie knife's handle

Tie knife's handle


If you have a knife with a bare tang then unless you have no other choice than this, just get a real handle. You'll appreciate it so much more because it will fit properly in your hand and it'll be significantly more comfortable and easy to use. If you really want to carry around paracord then either just get one of those bracelet things or just carry around a small bundle in your bag. The issue with shit like this is maybe you have tonnes of plans for paracord. Well now you've taken the paracord off your knife so your left with a knife with a bare tang so no handle whatsoever and a bare tang is going to cause a lot of issues. Just remember you can injure yourself with a knife so don't increase the chances by doing dumb shit. You're not going to survive very well if you fuck around with dangerous tools.


I don’t even understand what this has to do with survival, it seems gratuitous and arbitrary. Seeing a lot of things like this recently…. People showing off toys you wouldn’t even bring with you in a survival situation. I never see anything on foraging, or actual survival tips. The materialism is rampant :(


Survivalism isn't practiced often but it sounds cool to say you're an outdoorsman or a survivalist and as long as you have the gear it looks somewhat plausible. It's a very easy thing to fake and it comes with enough cred to make people do it regularly.


I've got a BK11 with a very nice paracord handle that fits my hand perfectly, but I still agree with you. ^(My go to knife is a Mora anyhow.)


Handles like this are terrible for any real work you wanna do with your knife. Only LARPers who never actually go outside and just watch survival videos on youtube all day buy a "survival knife" like this. Your hand will hurt and you will be uncomfortable if you try to carve, cut or baton anything with it. This knife is trying to be 2 things at once (cordage and cutting tool) and fails at both . There are so many better ways to store cordage, like stylish survival bracelets. Or just make your own natural cordage, it is really easy. Edit: ALso what will happen when you used the cordage? Your knife will become almost entirely unuseable once you tied something up.


I was thinking the same, i saw the crossed cord in the middle poking out and could only imagine how painful it would be to use


Well there are probably other ways to do bind this but even then it would suck. And what will you do once you had to use the cordage? You will just have a piece of metal with sharp edges to hold onto.


Ahhhh. Chicken soup for the survivalist's soul. The objection about wrapping being decent for extremely low-profile knives is legit-ish... but why deal with any low profile knives to begin with? Zap carry? If you gotta have one, go ahead and carve down the sides of a Mora. I promise not to cry. It's still good to know how to improvise a wrapped handle in general but doing it in purpose, while you have better options available, puts you in r/mallninja territory.


Hear me out - there are pros to a wrap. Obviously everything you said has a solid point, and I agree. A good old fashioned handle is great for your sole hard use knife! I prefer thicker micarta or leather myself. That said I’ve had handles and scales (wood and horn) break on me before. Even had brass roll pins come out of a fixed blade resulting in one of the deepest hand cuts I’ve experienced. Cord is great for low profile, smaller knives. They can sit high and flush right next to skin without rubbing you raw. Take the Esee Izula - fantastic knife. It’s been proven more times in the bush than any internet opinion. Also maintains the slimmest, strongest profile close to the metal of the blade. Extra cord in a pinch is a bonus. There is a place for cord wraps on smaller secondary blades - so don’t rule them out entirely.


\> Extra cord in a pinch is a bonus. But then your knife doesnt have a handle and you are extra fucked. The knife becomes turbo trash once you have to use it for cordage. Also I am not sure about your story on breaking knifes. I never had a knife break on me or read about it in the first place if you use it properly. Sounds to me like you abuse your knifes or use shit tier quality knifes? But I agree that in such an emergency cordage is a good way to improvise a handle.


( Redditor with Mora teleports behind Native American boy, working with his ancient sinew wrapped stone blade. "Shit survival tool kid" ) In all seriousness - here's the deal. All the points you guys make are valid to an extent, I'm just trying to show why SOME smaller secondary knives with cord wraps have worked for me, and why. The absolutist opinions on the matter warranted a tale. Don't mall ninja your knife like above, but also don't believe a top rated comment on the internet until you've tried it yourself. I've said for main work, absolutely agree with you. Micarta or Leather is my preference for any serious batoning. We know this works. If I had to have one single survival knife, it's going to be a Spartan, Fall A1, Esee / RAT or even a Ka-Bar. IN ADDITION to the large boy, I also carry a little Izula on my belt that is....brace yourselves...cord wrapped. Because of the cord, it doesn't rub your side raw all day during a hike like an abrasive handle material would. It's light as can be, and you don't even notice its there as it sits so close to the body. I use it for small kindling and as a ferro knife. It also works. If there was a situation where I would need cord faster than I need a cushy handle for my small cutting knife - I wouldn't hesitate at all. If I had the cord, or other material that would work - I'd use that first. Separated from your pack and getting dark and you only have what's on you, just cut that shit off and there you go, secure your shelter - whatever. It really doesn't render the knife useless at all. Glad you've never had a knife break on you. It sucks, and happens. Like I said, I had a brass rollpin work itself out of a handle and slice the webbing of my hand while battoning. I've had a wood and horn knife handle shatter going through a tough knothole in a log. I've seen cracked composite handles, and watched a machete plastic handle break as well. These wen't cheap knives, but also not purpose built survival blades by any means. Think fancy custom style that were testing pre production. Gucci handles like bone, wood, horn, etc. Buy yourself an Izula, wrap it up try it out is all I'm suggesting. If you just can't hang with the cord you can buy handles for them as well. I use my cord wrapped Izula MORE than my one with handles. Source: built fires with kindling and rods 5+ days a week for over 4 years.


You also dont have to exclusively use nylon cord like the image.


Agreed, I’ve wrapped my fair share of my smaller fixed blades. This image lost me at slide 3. NOT a good example of what I’m talking about and the katana wrap definitely screams LARP core. May excel at mall tasks though, and high speed low drag for max Segway mobility. Most applications have their niche purposes.


I fee personally attacked. But seriously once it's on the blade it is, for all intents and purposes, the handle and won't be coming off at all.




Maybe it would make an okay spear?


Maybe.... they are not good for much else. Cord or no cord they are miserable and have zero balance. A waste of good steel...if they actually use good steel.


Yeah, I was trying to find something good to say about it. I bought a few of those years ago for like $5 each and gave them to people to stick in their cars. Most people thought they were fine as a pry bar, or to cut something with, but beyond that they were clearly garbage and terribly uncomfortable to use for any extended period of time.


In your car? ok anywhere else... I don't thinks so


Personally, I never needed anything more than my (knock off) Buck 110. It's not the same as a fixed blade but it's skinned all kinds of game, gutted plenty of fish, and cut more cordage than I can recall.


I've never really been a fan of those cord "handles". They mold too closely to the tang and really dig into your hand if you use it for any meaningful task besides the fact that moisture, sweat and dirt will get into it and will cause it to be unhygenic and help rust set in if you leave it for too long. Personally a simple two wood scale rounded handle might be far more comfortable and useful even if the result is a bit ugly becaude it's your first time. Of course, in a pinch if your handle material is damaged beyond repair, that cord wrap might come in handy for a quick temporary repair


if your knife needs a wrap like this, its shit


I've never used anything like this that didn't start coming undone super quickly under even just moderate use. Either they were shitty (probably--I've only gotten stiff like this as mall ninja shit gifts) or this is a neat looking but pretty useless trick.


This account is a karma farmer. Just copy and paste posts to a few subs and copy and paste comments. Nothing original just low quality JPGs and fake "I made this" posts.


To add to what’s been said, if used for gutting or animal prep a handle like this will soak up blood, guts etc and become a festering cess pool of bacteria.


Well I can see this technique of wrapping being useful for other things , but as a knife and cord, it makes both unsafe, it would mess the cord up too.


Imagine having to unravel that in order to tourniquet your leg…


I love how I'm completely lost on how he got from 4 to 5


Get a Leatherman


I have a friend who is a knife maker and he always has a hole in the handle to put a cord through... to hang the knife? To have extra cord? I don't know. Tried to tell nicely him that it just detracts from the usage but he keeps on. Give me a good, solid knife. Keep it simple. The knife is a great tool, don't fuck it up.


A wrist strap is nice if you’re skinning an animal or something and need to not be holding a knife for a second but don’t want to or can’t put it down and don’t want to sheathe it while it’s covered in blood or dirt or whatever. Other than that, pretty pointless.


Good point about not wanting to put it down. especially bloody id a sheath'.


Don't agree at all. I don't want that knife attached to me. If you drop an unattached knife you get your hands out of the way, attached you can't. I'm a part time farmer and a wood carver, dropping knives is common and I want to get a sharp knife away from any part of my body.


Each to his own. Just mentioning the only thing I’ve found it useful for


Ok with that.


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I see a blister waiting for a place to happen with that ridge. Even with the gloves I wear.


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That knife is amazing